“My child improved in learning his ABC’s, counting, listening, respect, discipline, and paying attention.” 
~Jennifer French

“As a parent I had lots of reservations and expectations when it came to Acres of Fun.  All of my expectations were met and as for the reservations I now have none.  I know that my child is being well taken care of and is learning to her full potential.  I really am impressed with the way parents are allowed to come and go in the school.  I have popped in several times and also spend time in the class on Wednesdays.  At no time did I ever feel unwelcome or in the way.  For that I am truly grateful.  I have enjoyed all the extra time I got to spend with Amber and her classmates in their learning environment.” 
~Julie Barlow

“My son had never been in any daycare centers nor had he been at a private sitter.  From the first day of school, Andy had never before showed or come home saying he had a bad day at school.  He would be awake and anxious to see his teachers and friends at school.  English is Andy’s second language and he did not learn how to talk until he was almost four years old, but with the great learning environment he’s in at school, he was speaking the English language at home with his sisters like I’d never seen.  Overall, I am very pleased with Andy’s learning progress here at Acres of Fun.  The environment is school friendly, center is well staffed, Andy feels very comfortable here, and I couldn’t ask for a better school.”
~Thuy Nguyen

“I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for all of your help, love, and support that you have given me and my family for the past 5 years.”
~Melanie Rodriguez

“When I decided to go back to work after my second child, Nicole turned one; I did a lot of research in looking for the right childcare for my girls.  I chose Acres of Fun for so many reasons-the owner is incredibly involved with high expectations of her staff, the teachers are friendly and genuinely care about the well-being of my children, the facility is very clean, inviting, and full of things for the children.  My girls like Acres of Fun because they have developed relationships with their teachers as well as other children, enjoying daily art projects, and playing outside.  I would recommend this school because the current curriculum is excellent, preparing pre-k kids for elementary school, the daily routines are structured and full of fun activities that help both my daughters develop intellectually.” ~Bonnie Hill

“I personally want to thank you for being there for my daughter.  She has gained confidence, excelled with her speech, and her potty training was phenomenal.  You made parenting whether single or marital a much easier job.  And most daycares don’t even make any of this their job.  My child came here afraid of daycare due to past daycare experiences and you made her as she says HAPPY.”
`The Johnson Family

“She is always coming home talking about the many different things she has learned or was learning about.  She is reading to me now out of her Dick and Jane book with very little help from me.  It makes me proud.  I am glad I picked you out for her pre-k.” 
~Betty Letendre

“His love for learning has been encouraged and he has been treated with love and compassion.  Everyday has been like a new adventure.”
~Sara DeCoeur

It’s nice to be able to go to work and know she’s getting the best care and not worrying all day.”
~Ann Elkabbany